"These Photographs will be

something we

for the rest of our lives."


"Looking at our pictures

we can stil feel the overwhelming 

 we felt that night."


"These images definitely make me 

tear up and think about our 

all over again."

love story

Stunning, emotional, and real memories

Timeless celebrations | Pure joy | Beautiful destinations

Stunning, Emotional, and Real memories

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Boise Idaho Wedding Photographer
Sun Valley | McCall | Worldwide

For Couples who want to start a legacy

You should be able to look back in 60 years and remember exactly how you felt on your wedding day. You've found your person
– why jeopardize your memory of this day?

Too often, couples regret getting a photographer that only took pretty pictures that didn’t capture their love with their legacy in mind.

I want to give you something better.

A mixture of magazine worthy images that actually tell your story to keep your love strong for the rest of your life.

The Experience


My name means joy: “joyous, merry, or happy in disposition.” I can capture your joy because I know what it looks like. It isn’t just happiness; you can experience joy even through tears and even through chaos. I can recognize it from a mile away, and make sure you have it documented forever.

Hello, I'm Blythe!

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Kind Words

- Brogan & Kimberly

“We can look back on our wedding day in our album, even 20 years down the road, and remember just how happy we were.”