The Heirloom

- Emily & Ryan

“While I’m a very emotional person, my husband typically is not. Both of us were tearing up looking through our wedding album.”

It's easy to imagine plugging in a USB drive or inserting a CD, however newest computers don't have either of those ports or options anymore. 

Of course you'll receive all the digital images, but print has never been more important in this technological age. Everyone ought to be able to look back at the start of their story together, no matter what technology they have. Reliving your wedding day ought to be as east as turning the pages of a book.

How will you view your images in 10 years?
                     ...100 years?

Generational Heirlooms

It's one thing to see your images in an online gallery. It's an entirely different experience to replay the day in story form. Curated perfectly for the present, but with your legacy in mind. This kind of generational heirloom reignites the magic you will experience on your wedding day.

Your Legacy