How to Choose International Wedding Vendors

Choosing your wedding vendors is a difficult task as there are so many wonderful options that offer different specialties in their individual fields. As a destination wedding photographer I know that my international couples have an even more challenging time finding the vendors of their dreams. But that shouldn’t deter anyone from getting married in a dream destination! Here are my top for how to choose international wedding vendors.

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Local vs. International Vendors

There are perks to both local and international vendors. And in the end you may just have a mix of both! When you hire somebody local to you, it is easier to get to know them and build trust in person. You can also get a better feel for the quality of their services beforehand. However, local vendors may require you to pay for their flight to your destination.

With international wedding vendors you will benefit by having someone who truly knows your destination. They will be able to better infuse the culture of the area into your wedding day while providing a unique experience. On the other hand, there may be a language barrier as well as a time difference that makes communication more complicated.

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Vendor Referrals

Once you find an international vendor that you are confident in booking, then ask for vendor referrals! Most wedding venues have a list of their preferred wedding vendors in the area. You can typically trust their vendor referrals as they only list those who they have worked with before and have enjoyed their services and communication.

In addition to asking for vendor referrals, be sure to look for reviews of all the international wedding vendors you are considering. You can find these reviews by word of mouth through your already booked vendors. As well as finding reviews on their Google Business and website. Take the time to read through reviews to ensure you book vendors that you can trust.

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International Wedding Vendors Virtual Meeting

When booking international wedding vendors the most critical step is to set up virtual meetings before booking. This will give you the opportunity to better understand their services, packages and build trust. This will also allow you to get a sense of how easy or difficult communication may be with time zone differences.

Booking vendors for an international wedding doesn’t have to be daunting! For more tips, reach out so we can talk more about your international wedding!

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