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Boise wedding photographer captures newly engaged couple during downtown boise engagements

There is beauty in the ordinary, that beauty can be found anywhere. When Rachel and Andrew wanted to shoot in Downtown Boise – I couldn’t wait. Throughout my career as a Boise photographer, it’s been my duty to find the most beautiful places to take my incredible couples to capture their most important moments. Oftentimes the seemingly “dull” or ordinary spots can be the most magical. It all depends on your point of view. For these Downtown Boise engagements, the location was perfect for their love story. Perhaps through these images you’ll see that beauty can truly be found anywhere.

Strolling the Streets of Boise

Throughout the Downtown Boise engagements we were able to explore the incredible artwork throughout the city. Rachel and Andrew were able to make a date out of the experience. We saw incredible murals and these two were just the cutest. I love finding ways to celebrate other artists while showcasing their talent, and these murals were just breathtaking.

Rachel and Andrew loved a couple murals in particular so we opted to showcase those. First, Stearn’s Motor Car, created by Noel Weber in 2000. This piece was a fantastic representation of how transportation has evolved. Later we took some cute shots in front of the black and white mural. It was such a fun way to allow them to be the star of the show.

Downtown Boise Engagements

Later Rachel and Andrew danced in the streets, it was such a sweet site. Nevertheless I enjoyed this session so much, as I was able to truly be in the moment with Rachel and Andrew. Downtown Boise was such a magical spot for their elegant engagements, and I can’t wait to celebrate them so soon!

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Boise wedding photographer captures newly engaged couple embracing during downtown boise engagements
Boise wedding photographer captures man and woman dancing in downtown boise streets
man and woman standing in front of boise murals
Boise wedding photographer captures couple holding hands
man and woman smiling together during downtown boise engagements
couple looking behind them smiling and walking away


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