How to Pull off Boho Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

As a Boise wedding photographer, I love capturing love and people. One thing that always keeps my job interesting, are wedding trends and all the new ways my couples choose to say, “I do”. 2023 trends are breathtaking this year with more bridal accessories, and fun elopement ideas in the mix. However, one of my favorite trends I hope sticks around for a while longer is boho mismatched bridesmaid dresses. I love the idea of allowing bridesmaids to have their own moment. Let’s dive into mismatched bridesmaid dresses!

Boise wedding photographer captures bride standing with bridesmaids wearing various shades of rust dresses - boho mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Choose Colors That Coordinate – Boho Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Boise wedding photographer captures bride and bridesmaids celebrating

First, the most important aspect of this trend, is choosing a color theme. Throughout the weddings I’ve seen, brides often will choose a color and go with various shades within that color family, or a variety of colors that coordinate well. For this Bohemian inspired wedding, the bride opted for a warm rust color and various shades. It lent well to the idea of letting each wedding party member have their own moment. It’s also a great way to provide depth in a photo without everyone blending in together. Pinterest is a great spot to look for inspiration on this! If you’re looking for dresses that fit the bill, I would look at Lulu’s, Aritzia, or David’s Bridal.

Boise wedding photographer captures bride and bridesmaids looking at one another

Same Dress – Different Colors

Another super popular option is having your wedding party wear the same dress in different colors! This is a great way to ensure that everyone’s dresses will look cohesive and allows you to control the overall vibe. This would be a fun day to bring your girls together and go try on dresses together! Most dress shops will have tons of color options and color swatches in store to get a better vision. Don’t be afraid of this looking too matchy as the variety of colors will provide enough of a difference. Oftentimes your guests won’t even realize it’s the same dress until hours into the event. Colors play a huge role in tricking our eyes.

bride posing with bridesmaids wearing boho mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Mix of Styles and Colors

This is the perfect option for the bride who trusts her bridesmaids! Give your bridesmaids a specific color and let them choose their own dress. Most brides will give their wedding party a dress length so they’re all similar in that respect. When everyone comes together it’s such a beautiful and unique look it really stands out. I love this idea because it gives you more of an opportunity to show off those beautiful wedding colors you spent nights choosing between!

Boise wedding photographer captures bride standing with bridesmaids wearing sage bridesmaid dresses

All in all, we are a huge fan of the boho mismatched bridesmaid dresses in Boise weddings and can’t wait to see more of it in future weddings!

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Boise wedding photographer captures bride and bridesmaids with boho mismatched bridesmaid dresses

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