How to Include Pets in Engagement Photos

I’m always a fan of couples showcasing their family and their life in their engagement photos. It only makes sense that we would add pets to the mix too! Throughout my time as an Idaho wedding photographer I’ve loved having pets included in sessions. It makes the whole experience that much more special. After all, this is the beginning of the legacy you’re creating, it makes sense you’d want to include those precious furbabies too! I’ve curated a list of my tips to help make including your pets in engagement photos that much easier.

Boise wedding photographer captures newly engaged couple with pets in engagement photos

Top Tips for Including Pets in Engagement Photos

Choose a pet-friendly location for your engagement photos

While this may seem like a given, I always want to mention this. We don’t want to run into any problems during the session. If you have any questions about what locations work, feel free to reach out during your consult. Dog-friendly parks and golf courses are best, but we can take them on sidewalks as well! Whatever makes your pets the most comfortable.

Don’t Forget the Leash and Collar

When considering your pets in engagement photos, don’t forget to bring their leash and collar to help pose them. If we are on private property we may be able to let them roam around, but for their safety having them on a leash is best! Also, make sure their leash and collar don’t clash with your outfits. Put just as much thought into your pets’ appearance as you have with your outfits. If you want to add a fun element, check out this bandana for your dog to wear announcing your engagement!

Feed Your Pets Before the Shoot

Don’t forget to feed your pets before the engagement session! They will be so much happier if they aren’t working on an empty stomach! Don’t forget to bring treats. This will help direct them and keep their attention throughout the session.

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Schedule Your Pets Arrival Time Carefully

Consider having your pets arrive thirty minutes into the shoot. This allows us to get some couple shots, and let you both warm up to the camera. Once we’re all feeling comfortable we’ll bring the pets in. Their portion in your engagement photos will be quick to keep them happy and on their best behavior!

Boise wedding photographer captures couple walking dog during photos

Ask for Help!

Bring a friend or family member to help with your pets before it’s their time to shine! This is a great way to get your pets comfortable with the environment. During your engagement portraits, your friend can get some good exercise in with your pup to allow them to relax during photos as well. Getting some of that excited energy out early will make things so much easier.

Stay Positive about Pets in Engagement Photos

Stay positive, even if your dog misbehaves a little. We’ll be able to get a few good pictures of your pets in your engagement photos. And just like kids, if your pets can sense your frustration they make act out too. Bring treats too! Everyone loves a little extra motivation.

Nevertheless, it’s going to be such a blast including your furbaby you won’t need to worry about anything! Follow these tips and you’re sure to have a great time with your pets in engagement photos.

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