Dreamy Nautical Wedding Inspiration

bride and groom laughing together during bridals at nautical wedding

As an Idaho wedding photographer, we don’t see much water, but when we do we go all out! So, you’re having a wedding near the water. Well then you’re probably looking for inspiration for a nautical wedding theme. It’s hard to find exactly what you’re looking for along with the photos to help you recreate it. Luckily, I have just the wedding to get you exactly the details you’ve been looking for. Let’s take a look through these photos to help you get inspired. 

Where Should I Take My First Look Photos And Bridals?

Whether you’re at the beach or at some freshwater location, there is always somewhere beautiful to get that first look in your wedding dress. If there is a garden nearby where you can see the ocean in the background, that might be the way to go. The greens and blues are so dreamy together. In these bridals, the bride comes down some stone steps through a luxurious garden overlooking the water and when she reaches her man, he cannot help hold back tears.

If you’re in Idaho, consider Still Water Hollow for your dreamy nautical wedding day! Still Water Hollow is a beautiful outdoor venue, featuring a blue waters, tons of greenery and chic countryside buildings to bring your whole day together. It’s the perfect balance of rustic charm and nautical twist in beautiful Idaho.

bride and groom in outdoor garden area during nautical inspired wedding day

A marina is another gorgeous spot that would be perfect for your nautical wedding bridals. It makes it look more luxurious with those expensive boats sitting in the background. The two of you standing at the dock looking out at the water makes for some stunning photos. The white from the boats, the light brown wood, and the blue from the tux and water mix together like a symphony. The marina just fits in so nicely with the theme, creating a romantic fairytale setting for your dream day.

Nautical Wedding Color Palette

The typical colors for a nautical wedding are a darker blue, gold, and a sand gold color. In this particular wedding, we also see a peachy color that just completes the whole wedding look and feel. The bride uses this peach color in her flowers and it’s just gold enough to give off a sandy look. It’s perfect for a beachy theme. Consider adding a bold pop of color to brighten up your wedding day with a reddish color somewhere in there, whether it be a darker brownish red or a ruby red.  

wedding ring detail shot at marina

Throughout the planning process, keep in mind the overall feel and vibe you’re trying to achieve. If the light and airy feel is what you’re striving for, keep that in mind with your colors. Try to avoid too many colors that can create a muddled and overwhelming look. With 2-3 colors like this wedding, you’ll be able to let the location speak for itself!

Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress 

bridal gown detail show with beading and simple bridal style

Nautical weddings seem to have a very simple and elegant vibe. That fact definitely translates to the wedding dress too. The bride in these photos has a simple a line dress, with some beautiful details at the neckline to make it stand out. You can always add a little bit of texture to the dress instead of having the jewels to make your dress more your style. You might also be having this nautical wedding in the warmer months so a nice sleeveless dress might be more practical. 

Ready for your dreamy nautical wedding day? Let’s chat about capturing your memories forever together! 

bride and groom holding hands on marina


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