Making Your Spring Engagement Photos Pop

spring engagement photos with couple wearing formal attire in Boise

Congratulations on getting engaged! It’s time to get those gorgeous photos of you two so you can go announce on social media. Spring time is the best for getting engagements if you like the light colors and stunning florals. It might be overwhelming to figure out what colors you should use for your outfits and what elements are available for you to play around with. I know you’re needing some ideas for your spring engagement photos, so keep reading!

What Do I Wear?

The outfits can really depend on where you live. If you’re living somewhere that stops snowing by April, you can go with a beautiful, short sleeve white dress like you see here. Something light with flowy sleeves would be perfect! Spring is all about new growth and being free. In a cooler climate, you can still attempt this look, however, you might want to add some warmer elements. You could pair a dress like this with some skin colored tights and a pastel blazer! 

What Colors Should I Go With? – Spring Engagement Photos

man and woman embracing during spring engagement photos

It is important to go with colors that will match your background. Here we see some beautiful blues with hints of pink. However, most of what they went with here was white. Neutrals are always good to wear so you can adapt whatever background you end up having.This simplistic look in these photos makes it easier for them to pose wherever they’d like. For spring engagement photos, it’s important to remember how many colors will be in your backdrop so keep that in mind.

Elements to Make the Photos Pop

newly engaged couple sitting on bench together

Picking your location will really help to bring the photos some magic. Here the backdrop is the beautiful neutral colored homes along a mountainside. They found a nice spot with some flowers that just made the couple pop. The bench also makes those photos look intimate which, of course, you should have that element in your engagement photos so people know you’re in love!

engaged couple looking into one another's eyes

Make sure to find something to add that will make your pictures really record aspects of your relationship you’d like to remember. Because you’re doing your photos in spring, you have a lot to choose from in terms of scenery. There is so much green around and wildflowers tend to pop up during this time. 

Once you’ve got your ideas ready, let’s get those photos taken! Shoot me a message to get your perfect spring engagement photos.

engaged couple jumping and skipping together
couple walking together through Rose Garden Boise
man and woman hugging during spring engagement photos

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