Why Have A Destination Engagement

The last two years have been wild with borders closing and travel being so limited. Chances are that you had to change a lot of plans, but with the world getting back to normal it’s time for you to do exactly what you want! Which means, have a destination engagement session!

man and woman sitting on a bench in Greece for their engagement photos in the Spring embracing and each other and about to kiss


If you are like me and love to travel, then the last few years have been rough. But now that the world is opening up and travel is more accessible, you might as well travel a bit and have a destination engagement! Visit one of your favorite places, or go to that one location that you have been dreaming of. This is your engagement session, make it everything you have been dreaming of!

destination engagement photos with man embracing woman from behind her with the ocean behind them
gorgeous engagement photo of man and woman embracing each other romantically
Santorini Greece landscape near the ocean


What better way to celebrate your engagement than with a trip around the world? You have missed out on so many trips, parties and celebrations already. Have the party of the year with a destination engagement. Whether you choose to just get away with your lover, or invite a group to celebrate with you. You will have a blast celebrating your love!

engagement photo of man holds woman around her waste on the coast of Greece with the water behind them
destination engagement photographer captures man and woman laughing together in Greece


We all need an excuse for a vacation. And an engagement session is as good of a reason as any! Take a vacation from work, life and all of your other responsibilities to have a gorgeous engagement session at your dream location. My passport is ready so I can follow you where ever you decide to have your destination engagement session.

man and woman holding hands and walking together through Santorini for their destination engagement session

Destination Engagement Photos

And of course, the best reason of them all, gorgeous engagement photos! Have a destination engagement session so that you can celebrate and travel with the greatest love of your life. And while you are at it, have beautiful photos to document this sweet moment of your life. These engagement photos will be a sentiment to your engagement as well as an heirloom for generations to enjoy.

engaged couple sitting together on a half wall looking out onto the sea as they embrace each other

With the world easier to access, you deserve to stop cancelling plan and make up for lost time. Book that destination engagement session and bring me along! You just be in love and I will capture it all!


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