Why Have A Quality Wedding Album

My favorite thing to deliver to my couples as a Boise Wedding Photographer has to be their wedding albums! A quality wedding album is one that that will last for generations and serve as a sentimental and timeless heirloom. I love to witness the joy and emotion that comes when you look at your wedding photos and hold them in your hands. Here is why you need a wedding album!

It’s More Than Just An Album

It’s one thing to see your images in an online gallery. It’s an entirely different experience to relive the day while holding your quality wedding album in your hands. Curated perfectly for the present, but with your legacy in mind. Your wedding album is so much more than a book of pictures. It will become an heirloom to carry your legacy for generations to come.

bride holding her white and light blue wedding bouquet as she walks in a field in Boise Idaho

Technology Changes

Your Boise wedding day deserves to live on for generations of time. And with technology constantly changing it’s direction, you want to consider having your wedding photos in a physical form. It’s easy to imagine plugging in a USB drive or inserting a CD, however newest computers don’t have either of those ports or options anymore. With a quality wedding album, you wedding photos will live on and easy be viewed for decades to come.

Digitals & Prints

As a Boise Wedding Photographer, I understand the importance of both digitals and prints. So, of course you’ll receive all the digital images! Allowing you to share on social media, and print off at later dates. However, I also encourage printed options so that you can enjoy having your wedding photos in your home and in your hands as soon as possible!

blacka nd white wedding photo taken by Boise wedding photographer of bride and groom sitting in a car together

Everyone ought to be able to look back at the start of their story together, no matter what technology they have. And reliving your wedding day ought to be as easy as turning the pages of a book. Let’s connect and talk more about how I can best capture your wedding day!

bride and groom dancing outside of their Boise wedding venue and the groom dips the bride back in a field


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