Ask Your Boise Wedding Photographer Before Signing A Contract

Singing a contract with any wedding vendor is a big deal. Especially with your Boise wedding photographer. After all, your wedding photographer will be the one to document all of your memories so that you can relive your wedding day for decades to come. To be sure you find the right match for your wedding ask your Boise wedding photographer these 5 questions.

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How Many Weddings Do You Book In A Weekend?

You deserve a wedding photographer who will give you their all on your wedding day! As a Boise wedding photographer I pose couples, fluff gowns, gather groups for family photos and so much more. This takes a lot of energy and focus. Which can be difficult to do when booking multiple weddings in a weekend. Be sure your photographer has at least a day between weddings, so they can give all their energy to you!

What Is Your Guaranteed Delivery?

This is a topic that should be addressed and written in your contract. Consider the following questions. How many images per hour will your photographer deliver? By what day will they be delivered by? What is the process with asking for specific edits? Do you get sneak peaks within 48 hours? These are all questions to ask to make sure you understand the quantity and timeline for receiving your wedding photos.

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How Will I Receive My Images?

Most photographers deliver your images with an online gallery. Others will give you a physical USB to store your images on. While some only deliver prints and a set number of digital images. Every Boise wedding photographer is different, so be sure to ask!

Do You Offer Albums & Prints?

Albums and prints from your photographer will be a greater quality than if you were to print your wedding photos at a CVS. Some photographers even offer prints included in their wedding packages to ensure you have quality images to display in your home.

To learn more about our quality Heirloom Albums, check out our blog! This is one of the many services that we offer to ensure your images last generations of time.

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Do You Have A Second Shooter/Back Up Shooter?

One of the most important questions you can ask is about the back up plan. What is your wedding photographers back up plan in case they can’t make it to the wedding? Emergencies happen, people get sick, and photographers are not immune to these crisis’. Ask about their back up plan, and don’t sign your contract until you feel confident and comfortable.

Ask your Boise wedding photographer these top 5 questions to ensure you get off on the right foot! Ready to reach out and chat? I would be privileged to document your love story through my lens. Let’s do this thing!

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