Unique Wedding Vendors You Need To Have

As a Boise wedding photographer I get to work with my fair share of wedding vendors. And in the past year I have seen some truly unique wedding vendors that added so much beauty and fun to my couples big day. If you are looking for wedding vendors that will set your wedding apart from the rest, that are just starting to trend and photograph beautifully. Then you are in the right place!

Lounge Rentals

Some wedding venues will already have an intimate lounge space set up as part of their space. However, if yours does not, then consider renting some furniture. Choose a bold couch, a comfy lounge or any other item that will create a cozy spot! Setting up a small lounge in your reception space will give you a place to relax, eat cake and take some gorgeous pictures. In addition, it will add to the welcoming atmosphere to your reception.

black and white wedding photo with bride and groom sitting on a couch together before their wedding ceremony

Champagne Tower

Of all the unique wedding vendors, this one may just take the cake! Whether you choose to replace a cake cutting with a champagne pour, or just want to add the elegance of a champagne tower. I promise you will love this unique trend. It adds a sense of luxury to any wedding reception space, as well as just bringing a little more life to the party.


Vintage Get Away Car

This unique wedding vendor is definitely a classic! Running into the night after a long wedding day is a tradition that will never go out of style. And adding a fancy ride to the get away makes that moment even more memorable. With so many options for car rentals you can escape into the night in a restore 1950s classic, or a newer model of your favorite sports car.

bride and groom kissing before leaving their european chic wedding day

Mobile Bars

Trust me when I say that this wedding vendor is a crowd pleaser! Mobile bars are becoming more popular, but unfortunately I don’t see them at many weddings. There are so many fun and classy mobile bars. Some are simple taps, like the one below, that are filled with your preferred beverages. And others come equipped with a bartender to mix drinks for your guests.

These unique wedding vendors are just a few of my favorite as a Boise wedding photographer. Each one brings a little more excitement to your day, as well as offering an interactive spot for your wedding photos. Ready to book your wedding photographer to capture it all? Reach out and let’s chat!

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