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A lot of couples try to create a unique wedding that neither them nor their guests will forget. Trends come and go, but you need to choose your own traditions that will really mean a lot to you for years to come. One such trend is a first look. These Boise wedding first look alternatives will make these moments so special. As a Boise wedding photographer, I’ve been involved in shooting many first looks. Here are a few first look wedding alternatives!

Boise wedding photographer captures black and white portrait of couple during first touch

Keep it Simple + Opt for a First Touch

At a few Boise weddings I’ve been to, couples have decided to do a first touch instead of a wedding first look. In a first look, the groom sees the bride for the first time away from the ceremony. This way you get a chance to chat the day of your wedding before the actual ceremony. However, some couples regret not getting to share that memory with their friends and family, even though they felt it was more important to have that intimate moment together. 

Some couples also hold on to the superstition of bad luck if you see each other on the wedding day before the ceremony. You can have the best of both options if you do a first touch. You can have a quiet second together away from all the chaos of the wedding day, but you can still save the first look for the ceremony. This is usually done with couples holding hands around a corner looking in opposite directions so they can’t see each other. 

Boise wedding photographer. captures bride and groom during first vow reading

First Reading – Boise Wedding First Look Alternatives

It can feel nerve-wracking reading your vows for the first time in front of an audience. Especially since the audience isn’t who those vows were intended for. Plan on reading your vows to each other for the first time when most people would do their first look. As a Boise wedding photographer, I have to be honest I shed a tear capturing this moment. When you share the details of your heart to one another. I’ve heard a couple or two talk about how cherished that time was together getting to hear the deepest feelings with each other in that private moment. 

The Power of First Prayer

If religion is a part of your identity as a couple, you might want to consider a first prayer before your wedding ceremony. Similar to the first touch, most couples want to keep from seeing each other, but still have that time together to focus on what the real reason for the wedding is. Hold hands as you call on the holy spirit to be present in your wedding and in your lives. Your Boise wedding first look alternative can be as unique or special as you choose. If you’re not religious, this can also be a time to meditate together. Refocusing yourselves to each other and not get lost in the material things of the day. 

Boise wedding photographer captures bride during first look with bridesmaids

Exchange First Gifts – Boise Wedding First Look Alternatives

We all have different ways of showing love to our partners. One common way is through gift giving. One way to make your wedding day unique is to do a first gift also known as a wedding day gift exchange. You can choose to do this during your first look. While opening, you can see the look on each other’s faces as you open them. Another option could be to do this as you would the first touch or prayer. Where you share the gifts where you can’t see each other and just have a conversation about the gifts. Throughout explaining why you chose those specific items. Some gift ideas could be a journal to write down your feelings throughout the day. Such as, jewelry or engraved cufflinks for the groom, a sweet scrapbook of memories. Or my favorite,something sentimental like a starmap of the stars above you during your first kiss

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