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I know how stressful creating your wedding day timeline can be. Once you factor in the ceremony, the family photos, bridals, reception, on top of everything else it can feel like a huge weight. As a Boise wedding photographer I’ve attended a lot of weddings and have learned a few things that can help keep your anxiety at bay. Here are  3 wedding day timeline tips that will ensure a smooth wedding day.

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Plan Around the Sunset

Summer weddings are in full bloom and everyone wants to enjoy the perfect weather. Outdoor ceremonies are popular during this time of year. However, the lighting can be really harsh if you do your ceremony outside in the middle of the day. Experienced photographers can work around this, but using  the light during golden hour can help you receive the best wedding photos. 

Don’t Forget to Add Buffer Time 

Your wedding is going to be the best day of your life. Unfortunately, there are factors you just can’t plan for. Maybe your hair and makeup team runs a little late or something else unexpected happens. There might also be moments where you need a second to breathe because of the expectation of perfection for your wedding.  When you schedule buffer time, your wedding day will feel a little less chaotic. You’ll feel a little less anxious if wedding day events run over.

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Share Your Timeline with Vendors – One of the Best Wedding Day Timeline Tips

As your photographer, I will be ready to follow your lead. I have been to many weddings so I know how things usually go and I’m ready. However, it’s a lot easier to capture every moment if I have your wedding day timeline. Other vendors would appreciate your wedding day timeline including the wedding venue itself so they can have everything ready to go for you. You can even appoint one of your bridesmaids or a family member to keep track of your wedding day timeline cards so they can point vendors in the right direction. This way, you can focus on enjoying your wedding day and taking in every second. 

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It’s normal to feel stressed about your wedding day. These wedding day timeline tips can help ease some of these feelings surrounding the most special day of your life. Focus on the whole reason you’re planning your wedding, the love you have for your significant other. If you’re still planning your wedding timeline and need a unique alternative to a first look, read one of my latest blogs for some inspiration. And if you still don’t have a Boise wedding photographer, let’s talk about how you can get your dream wedding photos!

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