Top 4 Reasons Rainy Day Weddings Are The Best

Idaho is always full of so much beauty and adventures. However sometimes the weather can be a bit unpredictable – always keeping things exciting. As a Boise wedding photographer, I’ve seen my fair share of weather mishaps. Being an Idaho couple in wedding planning mode, it’s crucial to have a back up plan for when the inevitable happens. But let me tell you, it always works out and is incredibly beautiful. I’m sharing my top 4 reasons why rainy day weddings are the best!

Incredible Memories at Rainy Day Weddings

I want you to think 15 years from now, are you going to care that your dress got wet? Or are you going to remember all the laughter and fun from that day? As a wedding photographer, I know that on your wedding day you want things to go perfectly. But, things will probably go wrong, and that’s perfectly ok! The most important things for your wedding day are the actual marriage, and spending time with your family and friends. The memories are what you’ll remember years from now.

Boise wedding photographer captures couple in field of wildflowers on wedding day after rainy day wedding planning

Rain on Weddings is Good Luck

Next, let’s mention the good luck that flows on rainy wedding days. It’s said, that rain on wedding days means ‘you will have children and be cleansed of all sadness and tough times‘. I believe that things are only as good as we make them, and if on your wedding day you look at the rain as a positive – it’ll be a blast!

Fun Accessories And Even Better Photos For Rainy Day Weddings

Throughout your wedding planning, you’re leaning on your photographer – and when it rains, lean on us too! Most times photographers will have the skills necessary to accommodate the weather and make the most of it. Consider the possibilities for fun accessories, clear umbrellas, blankets, and even rain boots! It’s such a unique way to celebrate your love.

Boise wedding photographer captures couple looking at one another in vineyards

Cooler Weather More Comfortable Guests

Lastly, don’t worry about your guests getting wet! Oftentimes your venues will have backup plans for weather changes, and your guests will be thrilled to have some cooler weather. Nevertheless, the break in weather will be a welcome change, and truly make the event that much more memorable.

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