Elegant Swan Falls Engagements

When spring comes around, everyone in Idaho jumps for joy. It’s the perfect time to get outside, explore, and for this Boise wedding photographer – capture love stories. Jack and Codi’s elegant Swan Falls engagements are a perfect representation of the beauty within Idaho. Oftentimes we forget about how beautiful of a place we live in because we are swamped with snow and harsh winters. However, when spring and summer come around, all the love for Idaho comes rushing back. Jack and Codi’s relationship is so sweet and it was such an honor being a part of their legacy together.

Nature’s Beauty and a Romantic Love Story

While planning Jack and Codi’s Swan Falls engagements it was crucial to incorporate spring’s beauty. I am a sucker for adventure and exploring, so when I met these two and heard they were up for it, I was so excited. Swan Falls is such a breathtaking location with great variety surrounding it for a plethora of photo spots. One of my favorite parts of being a Boise wedding photographer is just allowing my couples to be themselves. There is so much beauty that can be found in the simple moments of life, and I try to showcase that simplicity in my photography.

Swan Falls Engagements Adventures

Throughout Jack and Codi’s Swan Falls engagements were moments of laughter, joy and so much excitement for the future. During the wedding planning process it is so easy for couples to become bogged down by the planning. However Jack and Codi didn’t! They focused on the future and excitement of choosing one another forever. Finding your forever person should be celebrated and these two are doing just that. I can’t wait to see what their future together holds and know that they will create a legacy of love for years to come.

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Boise wedding photographer captures Swan Falls engagements in Idaho
Boise wedding photographer captures couple walking together and laughing during Swan Falls engagements
Boise wedding photographer captures couple dancing together
Boise wedding photographer captures close up of hands
Boise wedding photographer captures man lifting woman during swan falls engagements
Boise wedding photographer captures couple sitting in grass together


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