5 Helpful Tips to Help Choose a Boise Wedding Venue

As a Boise wedding photographer, I’ve thought a lot about how couples choose a wedding venue. There are so many options out there and it can be stressful to narrow it down to just one. There are a few things that can affect your wedding, especially in Idaho, that may determine where you’ll be able to have a wedding ceremony. Here are 5 things you should consider when choosing a Boise wedding venue.

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Consider the Weather

This may seem like common sense, but a lot of people don’t think about the time of year they’re getting married when choosing a wedding venue. Brides tend to think if you’re doing the ceremony and reception inside, it shouldn’t matter. However, bridals and family photos are usually done outside. You want to find a spot that will be nice for photos even in the winter snow. Maybe somewhere you can get inside easily, but you still have a stunning backdrop. You can check the average temperature at that time of the year even if you’re months out!

Getting The Best Wedding Photos At Your Boise Wedding Venue

What thing about your wedding is the most important to you and your significant other? If it’s the wedding photos, let me tell you there are some tough spots for wedding photographers to capture inside. If you’re planning on an afternoon or evening indoor wedding, try to find a spot with large windows! This can really help you get the best photos. The color scheme of the room can also affect your photos. If you’re in a rustic barn, your photos could turn out a little more red or brown. If you’re in a more modern white wedding venue, your photos might look a little brighter! 

Boise wedding photographer captures bride and groom walking hand in hand at Boise wedding venue

Your Wedding Theme Can Affect Your Boise Wedding Venue

Are you going with a more modern theme or going rustic which is really popular with Boise weddings? This can really narrow down your options. There are plenty of barns that have been turned into wedding venues. Warehouse wedding venues are also a growing trend in the wedding industry. If your wedding theme is a little more boho, you might want an outdoor ceremony spot surrounded by a lot of trees, if you’re having your wedding in the summer!

Check Out the Amenities 

Did you know that some wedding venues have full set up and clean up included in their price? Some venues also do rentals right from them! The included options help a lot of brides and grooms choose their wedding venue. Some wedding venues also have in-house caterers or an open bar with a hired bartender. Having a one-stop shop in a wedding venue can give you a stress-free wedding day. Leave it all to the wedding experts who have done this a million times! In the reverse, however, make sure that you know everything that is restricted by the venue. Some don’t allow outside alcohol and require that only their bar is able to distribute. 

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Think About The Guest List For Your Boise Wedding Venue

It’s important to look at the guest list to see how many guests will be there. If you’re having a micro wedding, you can choose a more affordable Boise wedding venue. You might have to get a bigger space if you’re planning a big wedding with everyone. Something to also think about is if some of your family members, like maybe grandma or grandpa, can get around the venue easily with a cane or wheelchair. 

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion to find a wedding venue that fits well with your desired wedding theme! This makes it easier for photographers to achieve dazzling shots that you could look back into. I should probably share this with my sister who plans to get married next year.

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