How to Include Pets in Your Boise Wedding

These moments are some of the most magical in your life. They are once in a lifetime, and deserve to be celebrated how you would want them. While planning your Boise wedding, it’s your day, to plan how you want it. That may include pets in your Boise wedding. As a Boise wedding photographer, I have been to my fair share of weddings with pets, and it’s always so special. Our pets become part of the family, and it only makes sense for them to be there! Let’s dive into how to best include those fur babies while wedding planning.

Boise wedding photographer captures bride holding hands with pup on wedding day. Couple includes pet on boise wedding day

Include Your Pets in Your Boise Wedding Ceremony + Portraits

First, and oftentimes the most popular choice, is figuring out a way to include them on your wedding day! I love the idea of having your pets be ringbearers, or even standing by your side while you commit your forever to your person. Some of my couples opt to include pets as a way to help them stay calm, and others to capture their pets on camera forever! After you marry your partner, we can pull you both aside with your pet to capture some portraits of the three of you. It’s such a special way to capture your growing family.

Get Ready With Your Pet

The day of your wedding will probably be one of the most stressful. You’ve been planning this day for months, maybe even years, and it’s all happening. You’re wearing the dress, getting ready to promise forever to your best friend, all while all your friends and family are watching. Nerve-wracking, right? Oftentimes to combat those nerves, couples will bring their pets with them while they get ready. There’s something so calming and supportive about having your babies alongside you. It may just bring you back to earth and encourage you to remember the importance of the day!

Signature Drinks – Ways to Include Your Pets in Boise Wedding

Next is one of my all time favorites. If your venue doesn’t allow for your pets to join you on your wedding day, consider creating drinks in their honor. It’s such a fun way to include your pets without them physically being there. It’s also super cute hearing your guests order your pets drink all night long.

Boise wedding photographer captures bride and groom walking with pets after wedding ceremony

Photo Booth Props

As a Boise wedding photographer, I love this one. If you’re considering having an interactive photo booth for guests to enjoy, consider adding props of your pets! It’s such a great way to make the experience more personal to your story, and allows guests to have a blast. Etsy has some great options for making this happen, here are a couple of my personal favorites.

Boise wedding photographer captures couple kissing dog during outdoor engagement session

Engagement Session With Your Pets

Lastly, bring your pets along to your engagement session. Oftentimes a more casual evening spent outdoors is a great way to include them in the wedding process. If you’re planning to bring your pets, check out my tips for including pets in your engagement session blog here!

Whether your pets are walking you down the aisle, or a custom wedding drink named after them, it’s your day and should be spent how you dream of it.

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