Top 5 Wedding Hairstyles For Brides

As a Boise wedding photographer I have seen my fair share of wedding hairstyles for brides. And with the many styles that are on trend, it may seem difficult to find the style for you! Here are my favorite hairstyles that are on trend, but also have a classic elegance that will stand the test of time.

Boise wedding photographer captures modern bride with a low bun and lace wedding gown in a garden with her floral bouquet

Headband & Veil

This bridal hairstyle is a trend that I can get behind! Pairing a luxurious headband with you wedding veil will give a truly elegant bridal look. I love how this bride (below) chose a bulky headband with pearls and star details. And to top it all off, her veil matches with delicate pearls falling down the length of the material.

Low Bun With Veil Underneath

One of the most classic wedding hairstyles for brides has to be a low bun. This wedding look is sophisticated and so under rated! However, it is a hairstyle that is making a come back in the wedding world. Compliment this updo with a veil underneath the low bun to add length and interest to the style.

bride adn groom embracing each other on their Boise wedding day outside of their wedding venue at sunset

Floral Crown

If you are in the mindset that the more flowers, the better. Then this is a bridal hairstyle for you! A flower crown on the top of your head, acting as a headband, is a fresh and vibrant look. But, if a large crown isn’t your style, you can opt for a smaller floral barrette from your florist.

Natural Wedding Hairstyles For Brides

I absolutely love how so many brides are choosing to wear their natural hair on their wedding day. Instead of applying heat to create the perfect curl, wear your natural waves! This will give you an effortless look and show off your natural beauty. Plus, your natural hair will compliment so many other trends like the ones in this article!

detail shot of groom holding his brides wedding dress skirt in front of a vintage wedding get away car

Half Up With Curls

This may just be one of my favorite wedding hairstyles for brides with long hair. A half up hairstyle gives you the freedom of an updo, with the luxurious length of wearing your hair down. In addition, there are so many ways to wear your hair up! Whether you choose to twist, braid or simply pin. You hair will look stunning.

No matter the bridal hairstyle you choose for your Boise wedding day, you will look stunning! Be true to your style while incorporating your favorite looks for a truly unique trend. And as always, reach out for all of your wedding photography needs!

bride and groom embraicng in the sun set of their Boise wedding

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