Elegant Engagement Photo Poses

You’ll only get this opportunity to capture engagement photos once with your significant other, as a Boise wedding photographer, I love being able to capture these moments! These are the photos that will be everywhere leading up to your wedding. They’ll be on save the dates, wedding invitations, and lining every table and wall at your reception. That’s why I am giving you the best elegant engagement photo poses!

black and white image of man and woman posing together in Greece on top of a building


When thinking about the word elegant, a few places come to mind. Somewhere with reflections such as on a lake, or near the ocean, will give your photos a dreamy look. You can be miles from the water, like in this gorgeous destination engagement shoot, or even pose right next to it. The color of the water is just so classic and really adds a sophisticated look to the photos. It really captures the simplistic nature and will highlight you and your significant other.

woman laughing as she walks up some stairs with her fiance in Greece for her destination engagement session

Additionally, you could have the background of your engagement photos be the city skyline. City views are timeless which makes it the perfect spot for elegant engagement photo poses. The city will never go out of style! So take that leap to ask around where you can find a rooftop so you can get those stunning photos. Or even, reach out to your photographer, (me!) and let me help you plan for those elegant engagement photos. 

Greece's skyline captured by destiantion wedding photographer

Outfit Ideas for Elegant Engagement Photos

As you see in this remarkable engagement photo shoot, you can always opt for a timeless, long dress. You’ll want to dress it up quite a bit as the couple did here if you’re going for elegant engagement photos. Elegant clothing is very timeless and makes everyone look good. Instead of statement earrings, you might want to go with something that never goes out of style like pear shaped or diamond earrings. In this shoot the bride opted to not wear shoes, which can give a classy and laid back kind of vibe. 

However, you could do a nude heel or neutral colored sandals. In conclusion, for elegant photos you’ll want to have a solid colored dress , nothing too trendy or full of pattern. You may also opt for neutrals for the rest of your ensemble. 

woman in a red dress posing for her engagement photos in Greece with the sun setting behind her

Elegant Engagement Photo Poses and Backgrounds

Poses and backgrounds go hand and hand! Once you have the perfect outfit, you don’t want it to clash with the set that you’ve chosen to take your engagement photos. Some poses are easier than others if you’re in an elegant dress. But, the most important thing is to be natural and feel comfortable while posing.

A candid pose of you dancing where he spins you around, gives the opportunity to show off your classy dress! It is also a lot of fun and makes your engagement photoshoot more of a fun date!

elegant engagement photo poses with man spinning his fiance on a rough top as they dance together for their destination engagement photos

For a more romantic vibe, hold each other close while your noses are touching. This type of pose brings warmth and intimacy in such a simple way.

man and woman holding each other as their noses touch for a romantic engagement photo pose with the man holding to womans waist as they stand on a cliff with Greece's skyline behind them

Another favorite of all the elegant engagement photo poses is when you stand right behind your significant other with your hands around their waist. This pose can be made more subtle and romantic, or playful.

woman standning behind her groom with her hands at his waist as she looks up at him during their destination engagement photo shoot in Greece

With different elegant engagement photo poses you can infuse your personality and love story into every picture! And as a result you will accomplish timeless and gorgeous photos that will last generations. Let’s connect and talk more about your engagement session!

detail shot of man holding his fiances waist, woman in a red dress for their engagement photos with Greece's skyline behind them
elegant engagement photo poses with man and woman dancing together in Greece for their destination engagement photos
man and woman embracing on top of a roof in Greece during their destination engagement photoshoot


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