5 Reasons You Need To Get Married In The Spring

As a Boise wedding photographer I have been able to capture love stories in every season. But, there is something so special about the spring. Springtime is such a magical time of year to be married! From the budding flowers to the end of hibernation. Here are my top five reasons you need to get married in the spring!

Picture Perfect Golden Hour

You don’t want your wedding to go too late, but you also don’t want harsh lighting in your photos. The best time to take your wedding photos is at golden hour. This is when the light has a warm glow and doesn’t create such harsh shadows. In the spring, golden hour is between 6 and 7 usually which is a perfect time for some bridals and family shots before your reception. And then your reception can start at a reasonable time for everyone while having the perfect wedding photos!


Depending on where you’re having your wedding, the weather is perfect all spring long. For a Boise wedding I recommend late Spring, when the snow is melted but it isn’t too hot yet. You won’t be sweating through your wedding dress, but you’re also not having to wear a bulky coat while you’re saying “I do.” You can even have your wedding outdoors where you’re able to see the beautiful spring scenery. 


Speaking of scenery, there is so much growth during the spring time and that means flowers! It might be easier for you at this time to find your perfect bouquet because there are so many flowers in bloom. Vendors are more likely to have exactly what you’re looking for, when at other times of the year it’s harder to fine. Another reason it’s great to be married in the spring is because the backdrop of your wedding will be filled with stunning blooms.

bridal bouquet with white and pink florals


The colors in the spring are just heavenly. If you look up spring wedding colors, you’ll see so many pastels. Don’t know what it is, but the light, yet bright and beautiful colors make for such a gorgeous wedding. There are a lot of light blues, pinks, and purples used throughout the spring. This is perfect because a lot of the new Spring foliage has pastel blossoms. So you have nature working for you!

Off-Peak Season

This is probably the best reason out of them all! A lot of vendors charge more during the peak of wedding season, which is late summer. In the spring when they’re not so busy you’re able to lock in some good deals, especially if you live in a colder climates! The other thing is availability. More vendors are available during the off-peak season. So you have more choices when it comes to the best vendors. 

ring shot with bride and groom holding hands delicately

“New Growth”

A more sentimental reason to get married in the spring is all that spring represents. It’s a time for new birth and growth. Your wedding is the coming together of two wonderful people who love each other. It’s the “birth” of your life together and commitment to one another. As well, your marriage signifies the growth of both parties. You’re leaving behind your old life and sacrificing it for a new life with your partner. 

Spring is stunning, and getting married in Spring may just be the best decision you make while wedding planning! Now let’s get you those stunning spring wedding photos! Let me know when you’re planning your date for.

bride and groom holding hands and running away from the camera towards an open field


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