What To Expect Of Getting Ready Photos

As a Boise wedding photographer I have noticed that getting ready photos have gained popularity over the years and rightfully so! Capturing the essence of the wedding day in photos is a really great way to create lasting memories. All the moments leading up to your vows and reception, as well as all the time in between, is what makes your wedding day memorable and worth capturing.

Detail Shots

Detail shots are something I typically take care of while you are getting ready with your makeup artist or hair stylist. These include photos of your shoes, wedding dress, and your rings. They are all the things that are instrumental to you getting ready, but before you actually put them on. Having detail shots captures everything in pristine condition. These photos will help you to remember the anticipation and how it felt before you got ready. 

In addition to documenting the individual pieces, detail shots also showcase the overall aesthetic of your wedding. You can show off your color palette and your carefully chosen items. This way you have a time capsule of all the details and overall theme of your wedding day each time you look back on your detail shots.

Bride’s Getting Ready Photos

 Another vital part of getting ready photos is you getting your hair and make up done. It’s not often you get to be pampered, so let us please remember this! We’ll make sure to get the best photos and angles of course so don’t be scared about a bare face. You’ll look stunning in every one of the photos, I promise.

Another reason to do photos while you’re getting “suited up”  is all the beautiful candid photos that come through. The shocked looks on your friend and families faces as you show up all ready to go are just so fun to see! You know you’re also having deep talks with your mom and closest friends as they try to give you their last bits of advice. 

Photos With The Bridesmaids

Life gets busy, making it hard to get to spend time will all of your favorite people at one time! Take this time to capture you and your girls sipping mimosas in your beautifully coordinated wedding day robes. You will cherish these memories of you and your best friends together for years to come! You’re laughing and chatting it up with all your favorite people, why not get that on camera?!

bride having a first look with her bridesmaids in her bride room


One of the two most important people of this day is of course the bride. You’ll want some really great photos of you wearing that perfect dress that you spent months trying to find. It’s sometimes a little nerve wracking to get photos of just yourself, but I’ve been around the track more than a few times. I have tips and tricks for you to get the best angles and poses so that you will look stunning in every single one! It’s important to relax and remember how this day makes you feel. 

Groom’s Getting Ready Photos

I’ll bet the bride wants some insights into the groom’s time getting ready. This includes candid photos of the groom with his groomsmen, detail shots and individual portraits. I love capturing the groom with his buddies because of all the joking and laughter. The groomsmen usually like to have fun messing around with the groom. Making these photos sentimental and full of memories! 

groom and his groomsmen pouring champagne together in the grooms suite for a Boise wedding

During your getting ready photos focus on the moment! Pretend I am not even there and I promise we will get some gorgeous candid shots! I’m ready to capture these inevitably nostalgic moments for you. Reach out and let’s plan your wedding photography together!


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