Best Gifts For The Bride To Be

Whether you are the maid of honor, or just a friend of the bride, you want to spoil her rotten! After all, being a bride is such a short experience with so many stressors. Your bride deserves a little pick me up before her big day. As a Boise wedding photographer I have seen so many ideas, but these are the best gifts for the bride that I have seen!

bride and groom sitting in a car together with their fore heads together for their Boise Idaho wedding

Organization Gifts For The Bride

Wedding Planner Journal

The bride might benefit from a wedding planning journal. It helps to keep organized for an event as big as this. For example, there’s one made by Erin Condren that might be really good for the bride to be! It has checklists and trackers to help keep her on top of it. 

Thank You Cards

One thing that takes so much time and effort is saying thank you to everyone who attended, supported, and gave gifts. It makes it easier when you have cards ready to write a message on them. You can get her a pack of thank you cards, even personalized ones

Wedding day survival kit

There’s always a hiccup or two on the wedding day. There might be an issue with the fitting of the dress that requires a safety pin or two. Maybe the hairstylist has already left and there are some stray hairs in need of another bobby pin. And these items are always nowhere to be found. Or imagine she’s getting a little hangry?! Give the bride peace of mind that some of these issues can be resolved easily. There are plenty of kits on Etsy like this one!

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The Fun Stuff

Bridal robe

Bridal robes are absolutely darling. If you’re looking for a gift for the bride that she can wear on the wedding day, this one is it! Bridal robes are white robes that usually have some cute quote or even just the word Bride written on the back. They make for beautiful getting ready photos. Here is a really cute one!

Bride pj set

If you get it in just white, she can wear this pj set forever and can remember her wedding day every time she puts it on. Or you can choose to use her wedding colors as inspiration! Add to the pj set and get it monogrammed with her new initials on the pocket.

Spa essentials

Everyone gets pre-wedding jitters so it’s nice to indulge in a little spa night right before the wedding. You can gift the bride a spa essentials kit. Find one that has bath salts, lotion and some fun masks. Here is a really cute one here on Etsy. 

bride holding hands with her groom as he leads her forward as they walk through a courtyard at a Boise Idaho wedding venue


You know the bride best! Think of her favorite things, what she needs and how you can best love on her for gift ideas! Another awesome gift is a post-wedding photo session! These can be on the honeymoon, or on their one year anniversary. It will be there first ever family photos together, and add so much sentiment to your gift!

If you ever would like to gift some photos, I’m here for you!

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