Cure Those Pre-Wedding Jitters

As a Boise wedding photographer, I have seen how wedding planning effects everyone. The stress that comes with planning a wedding can amp up anyone’s anxiety and fears. Which is why pre-wedding jitters are perfectly normal. Whether it’s you, your significant other, or a friend of you who is going down the rabbit hole, you can be rest assured that you’ll have some tips to help overcome what you’re feeling.

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When The Pre-Wedding Jitters Hit

This is the biggest decision of your life. It’s not something you should take lightly. Also, you’re going through it right now! There is so much to do when planning a wedding. You’re stressed and probably feeling overwhelmed at times. Wedding planning makes eloping pretty darn tempting! Nevertheless, you can get through this and make this one of the greatest times of your life!

Take Time Off

You can take a few days off of wedding planning. Because let’s be real, you will be way more productive when you are well rested and excited about wedding planning again! Take a bath and binge watch your favorite comedy on Netflix. Indulge in your hobby, hang out with friends and really get your mind away from the wedding. Get back to the things that make you, you!

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Your Why

Think about the reason you said yes (or proposed) in the first place. Why do you love your significant other? Reminisce in all the fond memories. Go through all of the past photos of you two. Watch the silly videos from when you were frist dating. When we take a look at the happy moments, it’s hard to want anything else but your person. 

Talk It Out!

Talk with someone about how you’re feeling. It helps to talk to someone, but especially someone who has been through it before. Consider talking to someone you look up to who has been married for a long time. They might have some insights on how they cope with exactly what you are going through!

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If you’re having pre-wedding jitters because your relationship doesn’t seem as magical as it once was, you can get reconnected with your love. Take some time together and do something special. You can try spicing up your dates, there are a lot of ideas online! If you’re fighting more, it might be the wedding planning stress. Try to be understanding since they’re just as much in this as you and compromise more. In marriage, there is sacrifice. 

These tips to help with the pre-wedding jitters are just a place to start! Don’t forget the most important things, like what got you here. And when you get back to planning, let me know. I’d love to help make getting those engagement and wedding photos stress-free for you.

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