Wedding Guest Outfit Tips and Tricks

As a Boise wedding photographer I have seen a wide range of wedding guest outfits. From the totally gorgeous and appropriate, to the flashy and unflattering. There are a few things you should keep in mind as you’re choosing what to wear to a wedding. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the wedding guest outfit choice for an upcoming wedding, read on!

black and white image of bride an groom sitting at a wedding reception table with their guests

Work With The Color Palette

There is a lot of time and money that go into hiring a photographer. We want those photos to be the best they can! As a member of the wedding party, you should ask the bride or groom what you should be wearing. They might have a specific tie or bridesmaid dress they’d like you to wear. If not, they might give you a list of approved colors so you can all work together in the photos. Of course if you’re not one of the people who are in the actual wedding party, it’s okay to go outside of the color theme of the wedding. However, it might be good to get photos with the bride and groom where you don’t clash. Usually you can see what their colors might be based on the palette of their invitations. 

Wear A Loose Wedding Guest Outfit 

Another thing to consider when choosing a wedding guest outfit are the activities during the wedding. Most weddings have dancing during the reception, others have yard game. You’ll most likely be moving around so you want to wear something cute and comfortable! Dresses, skirts, and dress pants work for women. For men, you want to make sure your pants are not too tight so you’ll be able to move freely on that dance floor! Especially for a summer wedding, you want to wear something flowy that allows for air to come through and doesn’t stick to your body.

wedding guest dances at wedding reception

Consider The Weather

It can be somewhat easy to determine something good to wear if you know when the wedding is. When you’re going to a spring wedding, bring a light coat and an umbrella. You may even consider having an extra change of clothes so you’re not miserable through the whole ceremony or reception. Weddings are supposed to be fun!

Additionally, if you’re going to a winter wedding, consider wearing layers. Sometimes just the walk from the car to the heated building can be a little too chilly! A nice blazer is always a good addition to your wedding guest outfit. Alternatively, a long, classy trench coat will look great too. Leggings or tight under a long skirt will help keep in more heat as well. And if your shoes can hide it, try adding a pair of socks!

Boise wedding venue reception space with guests

Have A Change Of Shoes

As stated previously, there are a lot of weddings with dancing and activities! If you’re a heel wearing type of person, you know who you are, be sure to bring an extra pair of shoes. Barefoot at a wedding isn’t the classiest, so make sure to have an extra pair of flats in the back of your car to change into! You also might find that the terrain at which you are asked to dance might be a little slippery. You can also pack some shoes with traction. 

bridal shoe detail shot of white birkenstocks with flowers sitting on footbed

Finding the perfect wedding guest outfit shouldn’t be stressful. Overall, try to look nice, while not standing out. As well as being comfortable and ready for anything you may encounter. If you need more posing, outfit or photography tips for weddings, I’m your girl! Check out my blog for more!

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