Two Tier Wedding Cakes That Wow

As a Boise wedding photographer I have seen a lot of gorgeous wedding receptions. From the florals and table settings, to the views and venues. But one thing that always stands out and makes a statement is the wedding cake! Two tier wedding cakes are a timeless trend that will always bring elegance to your wedding reception. Here is why we love them so much!

Traditional & Timeless

Two tier wedding cakes have been around for decades, and they aren’t going out of style anytime soon! Over the years we have seen a lot of wedding trends come and go, but this is one that will be around for the long haul. And it’s easy to see why. There is so much you can do with a two tier wedding cake when it comes to design, and there are so many other benefits!

Cake For Everyone!

The number one reason to consider two tier wedding cakes is the amount of cake that you will get. No matter how big your guest list is, you will have plenty of cake to go around! In addition, with two tiers comes two flavors. So you wont have to worry about agreeing on just one flavor with your fiancé. Instead you can have both of your favorites!

bride and groom kissing at a reception table surorunded by their friends and family in Boise Idaho wedding venue

Variety In Height & Styles

Two tier wedding cakes give you so many options to work with! Although they are timeless and traditional, they are constantly being reimagined in sizes and shapes. Choose a more narrow and tall two tier wedding cake for a modern look. Or opt for shorter and more wide tiers for a more classic cake. You can also consider the different cake shapes that your bakery provides and mix and match your options for a truly unique design.

Two Tier Wedding Cakes Photograph Well

And of course my favorite reason of all is how well two tier wedding cakes photograph! There is something grand about a two tier cake, no matter the shape, size or design. They add an element of sophistication to your wedding reception, and look amazing in your wedding photos!

Two tier wedding cakes truly wow, and is a trend that will never die out! I’m so excited to see how your two tier wedding cake turns out. Reach out to make sure your wedding cake, and all the other special moments of your wedding day get captured!

classic wedding cake with three tiers and greenery to decorate the cake


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