Top 5 Wedding Day First Looks

The first moments you have together on your wedding day are precious and deserve to be remembered for generations to come. However, traditional wedding day first looks are not for everyone. As a Boise, Idaho wedding photographer these are my favorite first look alternatives that I have seen over the years. Which one will you use?

Private Wedding Day First Looks

The thought of walking down the aisle to see your sweetheart for the first time on your wedding day may be a little nerve wracking. Settle those nerves with private wedding day first looks. With just the two of you, before your ceremony. Meet together in a quiet room, secret garden or any other intimate space. Not only will this be a tender and comforting moment, but you will also get amazing photos.

First Touch

Keep the magic of the first look in the wedding ceremony, but still have a moment together. A first touch is when you can’t see your significant other, but you still get to connect with a touch of the hand. This is typically done with each individual standing on one side of a wall, and makes for intimate wedding photos.

bride walking up a set of stairs in an outdoor wedding space to her groom for their first look

First Read

Connect on an intellectual and emotional level with a first read. This is an alternative for wedding day first looks that can be done in a number for ways. You can read private vows to each other, letters from each other or any other sentimental item. You can also have this as a moment alone or together.

First Prayer

Creating sacred moments throughout your wedding day is something I love to see as a Boise wedding photographer. For every couples this looks different, but for many this comes through prayer. Having a first prayer together before your wedding ceremony can be a powerful and tender moment. Whether you choose to pair this with a first look or not, it is sure to be a beautiful moment.

Boise wedding photographer captures bride and groom embracing on a hill over sun valley

First Gifts

If gift giving in your love language, then this is one of the wedding day first looks you should consider! Again, you have the option to pair this with an actual first look, or keep it private. Gift each other something sentimental that will remind you of your wedding day for years to come. You can even add a letter for a first read as well!

The first moments of your wedding day with each other will set the atmosphere for the rest of the day. So make sure you choose wedding day first looks that fit your relationship and style!

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bride and groom embracing each other as the groom holds the brides face and she smiles


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