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Boise wedding photographer captures couple holding dandelions and making a wish

With the new year in full swing, love stories are beginning to turn the next chapter. As a Boise wedding photographer, I am always thrilled to meet new couples eager to create a legacy together. Throughout these joyful spring engagement photos, the pure bliss that was felt was palpable. That is what we want to capture. Our mission at Blythe Weddings is more than just taking pretty pictures, I understand the importance and weight these images hold. It’s a privilege to have found the love of your life, why jeopardize your memory of this day?

Throughout your life, these will be the pictures you look back on smiling, showing your grandkids. This is a precious time in your life, and I still pinch myself. I cannot believe that I get to play a small part in the grand scheme of your legacy together.

Finding Joy in the Everyday

While things in this world may be a little chaotic and sometimes overwhelming. Throughout your time with me, I hope you’re able to find joy. This season of life is so short. An engagement flys by in a second with wedding planning and immense stress. These two beautiful souls were the pure definition of joy during their photos. Not only did they smile well, and dress nicely, but you could tell they were truly enjoying this time together. Their joyful spring engagement photos turned out better than I could have imagined. The bright and airy feel throughout was incredible.

Boise wedding photographer captures newly engaged couple posing with puppies

While engagement photos may be another thing to check off your list, try and make an experience out of it. Whether that’s getting new outfits, going on a date afterwards, or exploring somewhere new. I will always encourage my couples to continue dating one another. This is a joyful life, enjoy it, and live it well.

Boise Engagement Photos

Throughout these joyful spring engagement photos, our couple had a blast just being together. We explored the location for some variety and fun. But the best part hadn’t even come yet. After we got all the engagement outfits, and photos taken – we brought out a friend. Our newly engaged couple invited their fur babies along to explore and get some photos taken. Bringing along pets is such a great addition to any photo session, and adds to the memories! Your story deserves to be told as it was felt, bring the pups! You’ll look back on these photos and be thrilled you did.

Nevertheless, if you’re on the fence about booking your own spring engagement photos – do it! Even if you’ve been married for years, book the couples session. I will forever encourage my couples to take the pictures, and just simply enjoy the season they’re in. Life moves too quickly to not be captured forever.

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Boise wedding photographer captures couple embracing during joyful spring engagement photos
Boise wedding photographer captures couple walking through boise during engagement session
Boise wedding photographer captures couple swinging one another around during joyful engagement photos
boise wedding photographer captures couple embracing
boise wedding photographer captures couple in grassy field
couple grabbing dandelions through field
close up of engagement ring
couple wishing on a dandelion
couple sitting together during golden hour engagements


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