How to Have an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

As wedding season is approaching and planning has commenced, it’s time to start getting into the details of your day. Throughout my years as a Boise wedding photographer, I’ve been to many different kinds of wedding ceremonies. However, one thing remains the same, two people are committing to one another forever. What could be worse then your photographer battling to capture that moment through a sea of phones? With an unplugged wedding ceremony, you won’t have to worry about any of that! Let’s dive into it.

Boise wedding photographer captures bride holding bouquet with wedding dress and bouquet

What is an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony?

An unplugged wedding is a ceremony without any cellphones or cameras. We want your guests to truly be in the moment and witness your love story’s happily ever after. Which is the whole reason they made the trip to this event. Encourage guests to be present and take in all the efforts you put into planning your event! You didn’t spend months or even years of your life for people to be on their phones!

Another reason to opt for an unplugged wedding? It allows your Boise wedding photographer to truly do their job, take photos! There’s nothing worse than looking around and seeing a million screens. If you choose an unplugged ceremony guests will be able to enjoy the ceremony, and you’ll get incredible pictures of actual emotions felt and reactions throughout.

Boise wedding photographer captures bride and groom standing at alter during boise unplugged wedding ceremony

How Can I Tell My Guests?

Most often guests are willing to accommodate your request and are actually happy to do so! Most couples display a simple sign outside of the venue space or ceremony location. It’s a great way to welcome guests, offer a ceremony favor and encourage them to be in the moment and put their phones away. Let your guests know that you will share your professional photos as soon as you can so they don’t have to worry about taking their own. Most times guests are respectful of this and will be more than happy to do so.

While oftentimes you may not get everyone to listen to your request, a majority of your guests off their phone is better than none at all! We’ll take what we can get!

What to do if Guests Refuse to Accommodate my Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Request?

Boise wedding photographer captures bride and groom walking out of unplugged wedding ceremony as husband and wife

Not all guests may agree to go along with your request, and that’s okay. There’s no reason to stress, with a simple conversation from your wedding planner, or a day of coordinator reminding guests the importance of the event, it should be taken care of. If not, your wedding photographer in Boise will be able to work their magic.

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