Tips for Planning Your Sparkler Wedding Exit

Boise wedding photographers capture bride and groom during sparkler wedding exit

What’s more romantic than a sparkler wedding exit after your dream Boise wedding? I’m a sucker for love stories, and it’s a fan favorite to end your day on a high note like with sparklers. Throughout my time as a Boise wedding photographer, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the best couples. As a result of those couples, I’ve gained experience in directing wedding exits, and capturing the best shot. Let’s dive into all my top tips for planning your sparkler wedding exit.

Make Sure You Order Long Sparklers For Your Sparkler Wedding Exit

First, make sure you order longer than usual sparklers. We want to make sure your guests have longer sparklers so that when you both are leaving, they won’t burn out too quickly! Normally we’ll have you walk through the sparkler wedding exit, more than once. This helps us get the perfect sparkler photos, while letting you guys just have fun with your guests! So with that, normal sparklers would burn out way too quickly. However, having longer sparklers, will allow you to get through those photos without having to light too many more sparklers.

Boise wedding photographers capture bride and groom kissing during sparkler wedding exit

Set Them Out Early So Guests Know It’s Coming

Next, set out your sparklers early so guests are aware of what’s to come. It’s also a great way to keep guests from leaving the reception early! We want as many people with sparklers at the end of the night as possible. The more sparklers the prettier the exit, and it’s more fun with lots of people! Whether you put them out on display as part of your wedding decor, or have a wedding timeline so guests know. Make sure you have some way of letting everyone know the best is yet to come!

Have Torch Lighters and People to Help Light Them For Your Sparkler Wedding Exit

Let’s talk about getting those sparklers lit! This part is crucial to your success, have a couple people that you trust to get everyone’s sparklers lit. This will speed up the process so when it’s time everyone’s ready to congratulate you on the way out. Whether you have 3-4 people with lighters light sparklers, or a couple torch lighters – make sure this is timed well so sparklers aren’t burning out while you’re getting everything ready.

Boise wedding photographers capture couple celebrating recent marriage during sparkler wedding exit

Have a Designated Disposal Location & List Who Can Use Them

Once you’ve said your goodbyes and are heading to your honeymoon, make sure guests know where to dispose of their sparklers! After a sparkler wedding exit this is the most important part, making sure the sparklers are properly disposed of. Whether it’s a couple of buckets filled with water, or something different, make sure guests are informed. There’s nothing worse than getting burned trying to figure things out. Also, make sure guests know who is allowed to use these sparklers. If children are going to be at your wedding, make sure there is an adult around to help support them.

Listen to Your Boise Wedding Photographers For Your Sparkler Wedding Exit

Lastly, make sure you listen to your Boise wedding photographers for the absolute success of your sparkler wedding exit! As photographers we’ve experienced these things before and can help ensure you get your Pinterest worthy images. I’ll communicate with guests on how to ensure sparklers are held just right. Trust the process, it may feel silly, but once you get your wedding photos back, you’ll be glad you did!

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Boise wedding photographers capture bride and groom kissing after wedding ceremony

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