How to Honor Loved Ones That Have Passed Away

Throughout my time as a Boise wedding photographer I’ve witnessed some of the most beautifully emotional love stories. However, not all love stories have happily ever afters with everyone they love. Sometimes the people we love most can’t be with us on our wedding days. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t honor them and still celebrate. Throughout this blog I’m going to share my top ideas for how to honor loved ones that have passed away. I know that experiencing big milestones in life without your loved ones is unbearable. But, just know that they are always with you, and cheering you on.

Boise wedding photographer captures framed pictures of couples choosing to honor loved ones that have passed away before their wedding ceremony.

Framed Photos

First, and probably the most obvious – framed photos. As a Boise wedding photographer I’m always partial to sharing photos as a way to keep memories alive. While planning your wedding, this is an easy and beautiful way to honor loved ones that have passed away. Whether you set up a table with their pictures, place their framed picture on a chair, or have them next to you at the alter – it’s a beautiful sentiment. Another reason I love framed photos is because they can be repurposed in your home after the wedding! It’s a great way to remember your wedding day, and keep your loved ones close.

Boise wedding photographers capture beautiful display honoring loved ones that passed away

Reserved Seats

Whenever my couples reserve seats for their loved ones, not only is it so emotional, but it allows guests to pay their respects as well. Whether it’s a grandparent, parent, or sibling being honored, it’s so special reserving their seats in the front row. A simple sign that says, “honoring loved ones that can’t be with us” or even framed pictures of your loved ones on the seat is a great way to honor them.

Memorial Table to Honor Loved Ones That Have Passed Away

Throughout the planning process you’ll know what feels right for you and your partner, especially during this emotional planning. Maybe while planning you want to do more than a simple framed picture, consider a memorial table. A memorial table is a great way to honor multiple loved ones. I’ve had couples display pictures of grandparents, parents, and even great-grandparents. Anyone that made an impact on their life and whom they want to honor. This is a lovely addition to your reception as a way to honor loved ones that have passed away. Guests can sign your guest book while looking at your memorial table and remembering those special people in your life. It doesn’t have to be anything sad, more of a celebration of the love and family bonds that tie us forever.

Special Food or Drinks

Lastly, consider adding your loved ones favorite food or drink to your menu. Or even a custom drink named after them! Not only is this a fun way to remember them, but it gets them involved in the big day! Whether they loved an ice cold Coke, or a bowl of nachos, it’s an easy and special way to honor them by enjoying what they loved.

No matter what you decide, know that you are loved by so many people in your life. If you are planning how to honor loved ones that have passed away, my heart is with you. I know it isn’t easy losing a loved one. Just know that they are watching over you, love you, and are always your number one fan.

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