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Boise wedding photographer captures couple standing together during spring engagement session

As a Boise wedding photographer, one thing never changes, seasons change and people fall in love. I love the consistency of change and love. While working with my couples, I am always honored to be trusted with their love stories. Oftentimes their engagement photos are simply the beginning of their legacy. If you’re beginning to plan your spring engagement photo outfits, I’ve got you covered. I’m sharing a few of my tips to ensure you both look great during your photos.

Choose Complementing Colors

Boise wedding photographer captures couple embracing while woman wears pink dress and man wearing blue patterned shirt

While planning your spring engagement photo outfits, consider wearing colors that complement one another. Avoid matching your partner, and consider wearing complementing colors. Not only will this provide for depth in your photos but you won’t blend together. Even classic colors like black and white are a timeless option for your outfits.

Neutrals Forever – Spring Engagement Photo Outfits

Throughout your session we’ll go to a couple different spots and walk around to enjoy the location. Keeping this in mind, ask your photographer where they want to take you so you can dress accordingly. However, if you’re not sure where the photos will take place, neutrals are always a great option to fall back on. Consider wearing jeans and a neutral top, or a neutral colored dress for movement as a dressier option.

Avoid patterns as they can be hard to match, however, if you have something that is patterned and you love it, wear it! The most important part of your outfit is that it makes you feel confident and beautiful! If you wear a pattern, have your partner wear a simpler outfit.

Be You and Be Confident – Spring Engagement Photo Outfits

Boise wedding photographer captures couple embracing during spring engagement photos

Nevertheless, the most important aspect of planning your outfits is staying true to you. While it’s fun to stay on trend, make sure whatever you choose to wear you feel confident in. As photographers we can provide suggestions and some guidance, but ultimately we want you to feel good in what you’re wearing. If you feel uncomfortable or insecure in your outfit, you won’t love the photos!

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