5 Questions to Ask Your Boise Wedding Photographer

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Wedding planning is a lot of work. I have been in the industry for years as a Boise wedding photographer, and I understand your pain. It can be a lot, and your once in a lifetime moment is in the hands of your vendors. How do you know who to trust, who is going to listen to you, and do they value you? These are all valid concerns and great questions to ask. As your go-to Boise wedding photographer, I’m going to share the top 5 questions you should ask your photographer before booking with them. You want to know what you’re getting yourself into, and also what can be expected. Throughout the blog, I’m sharing the best questions I’ve been asked and why you should ask them!

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Can We See Recent Galleries?

First, ask to see recent galleries! You never know how a photographer shoots until you see lots of their work. You could love one wedding, and not so much love the next. This is also a great way to ensure they are consistently providing clients with quality work, and staying true to their brand values. If a photographer claims to capture your wedding moments candidly and authentically, you wouldn’t expect to see posed pictures. It will never offend me to have couples ask to more galleries! I love showing you the variety of my work, and the amount of experience I have. I’m here to serve you and help you start a legacy together.

What Happens If You Can’t Shoot Our Wedding? – Questions to Ask Your Boise Wedding Photographer

Another great question that can help you both plan for these scenarios. Life happens and people get sick, make sure you ask your Boise wedding photographer who will be there in case they can’t be. For an event of this magnitude it’s crucial the photographer has a backup plan, and that you are made aware of it. Your memories are valuable and deserve to be cared for, this is another way to ensure you are taken care of. With my couples I have second shooters and associates I can call to ensure your wedding day is covered!

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What is Your Process for Backing Up Images – Questions to Ask Your Boise Wedding Photographer

The overwhelming theme of this blog is that unfortunately things happen. Whether that be sickness, technical difficulties or things totally out of our control. However, it’s imperative that these scenarios are carefully thought through and planned for. Ask your photographer what their processes are for backing up images. These are some of your life’s most precious moments, you deserve to know where they’ll be stored. Whether they have multiple copies of your images, and where they can be found. I promise you won’t offend me by asking this question!

When Will We See the Full Gallery? Do You Offer Sneak Peeks?

Clear communication and expectations from the start are a great way to establish a professional relationship. I always suggest couples get their expectations, concerns, or questions out in the open early in the planning process and here’s why. I would hate for you to be waiting for images or have things dependent on your photographer when their timeline may be 2-3 months out. Ask these questions, ask about sneak peeks. Booking your wedding photographer is a big investment!

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What’s Your Shooting Style Like at a Wedding?

Lastly, ask how they shoot at a wedding. Are they one to wait in the back and let things happen organically, or do they hop in the moment to get the shot. All photographers will have different approaches to weddings and how they get things done. Nevertheless make sure you’re both on the same page for what’s to be expected on your wedding day. This will ease your stress and put trust in your photographer knowing they’ve got things handled.

If you have any more questions, make sure you ask your Boise wedding photographer! It doesn’t hurt anyone to be thorough, and chances are, you aren’t the first one to ask them these questions. It’s our job to put your mind at ease and help celebrate you!

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