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You’ll only get this opportunity to capture engagement photos once with your significant other, as a Boise wedding photographer, I love being able to capture these moments! These are the photos that will be everywhere leading up to your wedding. They’ll be on save the dates, wedding invitations, and lining every table and wall at […]

Elegant Engagement Photo Poses

Feb 1, 2022

black and white image of man and woman posing together in Greece on top of a building
man and woman sitting on a bench in Greece for their engagement photos in the Spring embracing and each other and about to kiss

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The last two years have been wild with borders closing and travel being so limited. Chances are that you had to change a lot of plans, but with the world getting back to normal it’s time for you to do exactly what you want! Which means, have a destination engagement session! Travel If you are […]

Why Have A Destination Engagement

Jan 23, 2022


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